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Jensen And Jared Attend The Salute To Quot Supernatural Quot Convention

Last weekend in Chicago, Creation Entertainment held its second annual Salute to Supernatural Convention, allowing fans to see their favorite stars of the CW series. In addition to Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, the special event also features actors Gabriel Tigerman (Andy from season 2 Simon Said ), Samantha Smith.
21.11.08 09:24

Motocross Fanatic Plans 1m Complex

A British immigrant and motocross fan is spending $ 1 million of his money to build an off-road motorcycle near Murchison park where cyclists can ride without the noise neighbors. The park will also have clubrooms, bar and a visitor accommodation block. Richard Collins has bought a 404 hectare farm in TUTAK Valley to build the park, which will have two race tracks and a series of off-road trails. Mr Collin, who moved to New Zealand more than three years ago, said some people think that probably was a nutter Not because he t expect to recover the money was put into the project.
21.11.08 09:25

Klum Steals Victoria Secret Quot Show

German top Heidi Klum walked away with all the care allowance Victorias Secret fashion show. Heidi Klum (AFP Photo) More Photos The 35 years catwalk queen was wearing kinky leather straps and golden Wristbands as she posed for the lingerie company exceeding Miami Beach, Florida..
21.11.08 09:25


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